Safety is Most Important to Pokemon Director

Pokemon Black and White

It’s an accepted fact that — no matter how huge a hit it would be — we won’t be seeing a Pokemon game on, say, Facebook anytime soon. Besides Nintendo’s own quirks, there’s another reason why such a thing isn’t going to happen: A concern for safety.

Longtime Game Freak employee and Pokemon Black/White director Junichi Masuda explained that ensuring gamers can pick up a new Pokemon and play it safely and without any fears is what he considers to be most important when developing a new game.

Asked if he feels any pressure to change how Pokemon is delivered in light of the success of the social and mobile aspects of the industry, he told MCV, “I don’t feel pressured. What I consider to be most important when releasing a videogame is to ensure it reaches everybody and to make sure it can be enjoyed by players safely and securely.”


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