QuakeCon 2011 Set For August 4-7


This year’s QuakeCon has been dated: It will take place from August 4 through August 7. As always, the free event will take place in Texas. More specifically, it’ll be located in Dallas as it has been four out of the last five years.

One of the big attractions of QuakeCon is the Bring Your Own Computer LAN party and the accompanying tournament where gamers compete for money. It’s described as the largest LAN party in North America and the largest free LAN party in the world. If that’s not your scene, there’s a whole event going on with panel discussions, contests, entertainment, and games on display — particularly those from id Software and Bethesda, the latter of which will let gamers try out some if its upcoming games for the first time.

Rage comes out just over a month later, so it will undoubtedly be prominently featured at the show. And who knows, maybe Doom 4 will make an appearance, as was expected last year before it ended up being a no-show.


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