Insert Coin: DeltaMaker fuses razzle-dazzle with 3D-printing

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Insert Coin DeltaMaker 3D printer

“Why should a 3D printer look like a microwave oven?” That’s the question being posed by the DeltaMaker Kickstarter project team, which thinks it can put some showbiz into 3D printing using a so-called delta robot platform. That type of design uses three parallel arms to control the print head, enabling a device that’s not only “fun to watch,” according to the group, but that can also quickly print high resolution objects with a large 9-inch by 11-inch build envelope. The open-cage printer will work using “fused filament fabrication” with 1.75mm filament, and will also feature 100 micron layer resolution (0.1 millimeter), rigid aluminum construction, an open-source software tool chain and optional heated build platform. The company sees it putting on a 3D printing show in “living rooms, waiting rooms, and classrooms,” with a current Kickstarter price between $ 1,400 and $ 1,600, depending on how soon you pony up. After five days, the project is nearly halfway to its $ 107k goal, with backers having already snapped up early deals as cheap as $ 500. Check the video after the break to see how it works, or hit the source to pledge.

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