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Hooray for mediocrity! Few things feel better than having an average performance acknowledged in a live esports environment. There’s no greater thrill than being told that “the thing you’re doing is going okay. Well done for maintaining an acceptable standard in spite of all assumptions to the contrary.” That’s a feeling worth taking a spinfusor disc to the face for, as we discovered during our Tribes: Ascend show match last week. We put the show down videos up earlier today.

Elsewhere, a few big numbers have been flying about. TEN MILLION. That’s how many dollars Hawken devs, Adhesive games, now have to make their mech-blasting multiplayer arena shooter amazing. ONE MILLION. That’s how many players eagerly tried to grab a place in the upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta sessions. FOUR POINT FIVE BILLION. The number of humans probably eradicated during the Reaper invasion of Earth in today’s Mass Effect 3 trailer

Plenty more has been happening of course. I’ve mashed today’s PC gaming news into a funnel and distributed them below with all the care of a cake decorator decorating a cake with a list of PC gaming news links. Read on for games at the Smithsonian, a big gun in Planetside 2, CCP on Eve and Dust 514 and Bioware on Mass Effect MMO possibilities.

  • Over on Reddit games, a man builds a SNES PC.
  • Bioware’s Dr. Greg Zeschuk and Dr. Ray Muzyka chat to PAR about the challenges of launching TOR and the possibilities of a Mass Effect MMO.
  • DSO mention that Dungeons of Dreadmor devs, Gaslamp have offered to take over Terraria update duties after Re-Logic announced they were moving on.
  • How much would it cost to buy every piece of Mass Effect 3 merchandise, including controllers and keyboards at launch? $ 870, according to Destructoid.
  • Massively take a look at how Guild Wars 2 crafting will work.
  • RPS chat to CCP about Eve Online and Dust 514.
  • Facebook gaming is in decline, say MCV.
  • Planetside 2 will have big guns. Watch a man draw one really fast in this video.
  • The Smithsonian are running a gaming art exhibit.
  • Bioware talk to Kotaku about bringing a “compelling narrative” to C&C: Generals 2.

A PC inside a SNES that plays SNES games but is somehow still a PC, what madness is this?


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