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I love Adam Jensen’s apartment. If you look around it carefully, you can see his entire character subtly explained; his attempts to read up on his implants, his growing obsession with building clocks and, saddest of all, the smashed mirror with a little post it note attached to let us know that this isn’t the first time Jensen has lashed out at his own reflection. It’s one of the most characterful locations I’ve ever visited in a game.

The maker of this video (sent to us by Andreas Vartosis) took a slightly more… frivolous approach than I did. While I was moved emotionally, he knocked out his landlady and stuffed her in a hidden compartment while playing loud music. Both are valid choices. That’s Deus Ex.

Look inside for a collection of bio-mechanically augmented PC gaming news.

  • DICE are once again talking about how much they’d like to make more Mirror’s Edge games, this time to VG247.
  • Those who pre-ordered Red Orchestra Digital Deluxe Edition will get into the beta tomorrow, say IGN.
  • Gamasutra have a really interesting interview with Gabe Newell.
  • Joystiq report that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has pushed the ever present Zumba Fitness off the top of the UK charts.
  • Gamasutra report that The Witcher 2 has sold nearly a million copies.
  • RockPaperShotgun have a trailer for The Binding of Isaac.
  • Check out this awesome trick corner in Dirt 3, via Reddit.

Readers! What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in Deus Ex? (please flag spoilers, some of us haven’t finished yet)

And then Tom went to China.


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