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Today we got another two minute tease of Battlefield 3, teasing a 12 minute tease to be released next month. The game’s not due out until autumn, which means months more teasing before we can finally play the game. If future teases are as exciting as the videos DICE have released so far, then it won’t be so bad.

But what else has been going on in PC gaming? You’ll find out in the list below, packed full of gaming mice, samurai balloon shields and more.

  • Look at this awesome gaming mouse.
  • Ever wondered why Shogun 2’s horsemen have giant balloons on their backs? Skip to 7 minutes in on this video to find out.
  • A teaser trailer has been released for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.
  • DICE have said that Battlefield 3’s single player campaign will be 12 hours long.
  • The new FEAR 3 trailer shows off the game’s story.
  • Valve’s Doug Lombardi assures us all that Gordon Freeman isn’t dead.
  • Avalanche Studios say they’re planning two huge releases in 2013, and don’t rule out Just Cause 3.
  • Virtua Tennis 4 will come to PC later this year.
  • If you’ve got a GeForce card you might want to get the new drivers.
  • The latest round of World of Warcraft hotfixes are out.
  • Zero Punctuation reviews Dragon Age 2.

Today in the office. Tim slid from door to door in Crysis 2, then booted up Bulletstorm and slid around in that, too. Sliding is the new walking. We know that you can go prone in Battlefield 3, but where is the bum sliding? What are your favourite gaming manoeuvres?


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